4 October 2014

Scandal: Unclaimed Love-Child

Author: Melanie Milburne
Artist:  Shion Hanyu
Why is he… Why is Luc Sabbatini here!? Two years ago, Luc - son of the famous hotel tycoon - used and dumped me, to him just nobody. He's reappeared in my life again and asked me out on a date by blackmailing me and exploiting his power. I thought I had no feelings left for Luc but…the little things he does have rekindled my blind heart. I have to be strong. I have a big secret, one he can never find out. If he does find out, there will be even worse misery than what happened two years ago. 

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  1. you can download it in the forum and then read it

    1. hi, im new. i download it but i could not read it. do you know if i need a special program or something?

    2. I'm having the same problem

  2. This one here is a great story!! I really enjoyed reading it XD

  3. Hello, I'm from another scanlations group and I was wondering if we could pick up the project Bride of the Water God? I've seen all of the Chinese raws out, and wanted to help scanlate them since the English translations are a bit behind, but I wanted to ask if you guys would mind before just doing it. :) Would you rather not have another group do it?

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  5. how can I read it?
    thanks for translating bytheway😄

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  7. i can't figure out how to sign in this forum .. can someone instruct me plz


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