29 November 2011


Currently recruiting proofreaders

*Must be very good at English
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25 November 2011

Ai wo Shiranai Okumanchouja

Alt. Title: 愛を知らない億万長者, Billionaire Bachelors: Stone
Artist: CHIHARA Esu
Genres: Josei | Romance
Year: 2006
Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete)
After her father's death, Faith's guardian, Stone, has been paying for her school fees and living costs without her knowledge. He was always the go-to person to when she had problems... But he is only her guardian. Faith couldn't let him pay for her any longer! So she quits school and begins to work to repay her debt to Stone. Unable to persuade her to change her mind, Stone offers her a proposition... he says, "In return for writing off your debt, will you marry me?" Stone tells Faith that his mother will not hand over her company to him until he is married. A proposal from a man she loves... or is this all just a business deal?

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20 November 2011

Reijou to Playboy

Alt. Title: 令嬢とプレイボーイ, Cowboys, Babies, and Shotgun Vows
Artist: HANATSU Yoshiko
Genres: Josei | Romance
Year: 2009
Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete)
Ryder wakes up to find the girl he spent the previous night with is gone. He had helped her get to a motel after finding her drunk in a bar. She seduced him, and they spent a night of passion together...even though she was a virgin! Not only that, she is the daughter of a wealthy oil tycoon. It looked like it was never going to work, but when he thinks of her his heart skips a beat. He has to find her, and ask her why she dumped this confident playboy after just one night!

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Saikai wa Nigaku, Ai wa...

Alt. Title: 再会は苦く、愛は…, By Love Alone
Author: Kathryn Ross
Artist: NATSU Yoshimi
Genres: Josei | Romance
Year: 2006
Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete)
Strictly business

When Lauren Martin had set out to get an exclusive interview with Cole Adams, millionaire owner of a recording company, she hadn't anticipated them making headlines--as a couple. But their relationship had ended bitterly six months later, when Lauren realized their lives were taking very different paths.

Since then, she'd resumed her career and reshaped her life. Until her editor assigned her to get the inside scoop on Cole's impending marriage--an assignment that Cole had specifically asked that Lauren cover!

Lauren knew she didn't have a choice about doing the article, but she sure had a choice about the way she'd conduct herself with Cole--she'd be cool and professional. After all, those heady days--and nights--they'd shared were definitely yesterday's news....

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13 November 2011

Staff Staff Staff!!!

We have a lot of translations piled up ready for typsetting, but we don't have enought staff to help out.
We have a new interesting webtoon coming up, but we can't start on it, if we lack staff so e-mail if you'd like to help


P.S we have our 2 Italian translators now so new recruitment will have to wait till we take on new Italian project. ^_^

Honeymoon wa Anata to

Millionairess Kathryn is preparing for what is being called the wedding of the century. It is not a marriage of love, but her father believes they are a good match. Everything is turned upside down, however, when she finds out her husband-to-be is only after her fortune! Her father is still none the wiser. Throwing off her wedding dress, Kathryn decides to run away from her wedding, with the help of Jonah, a man she meets in the garden. She offers Jonah a deal - "Marry me" - and their strange but thrilling elopement begins!
Leigh Michaels
AMANE Ritsuka
Josei Romance
Status in Country of Origin
1 Volume (Complete)
Associated Names [Edit]
Backwards Honeymoon

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5 November 2011

Itsuwari no Kekkonyubiwa

"Hannah, will you marry me?" The proposal from Ethan, a man she loves, should have been the happiest moment of her life... If the marriage wasn't just a contract. Hannah was hired as a nanny after Ethan's wife passed away, then Ethan asks her to be "a mother to his children." Hannah wants to be loved as a woman, but it seems Ethan cannot forget about his late wife... When will he realize Hannah's true feelings?
Author(s) Kim Lawrence
Artist(s) MAKIMURA Jun
Year 2003
Status in Country of Origin
1 Volume (Complete)
Associated Names
Itsuwari no Kekkon Yubiwa
Wife by Agreement

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Bride of the Water God

Alt. Name: 하백의 신부 , Habaek Author: YOON Mi-kyung Genres: Drama | Fantasy | Historical | Romance | Shoujo | Supernatural Statu...