30 July 2011

Kusenai Yoru no Kioku

Associated Names
Purchased for Revenge

Eve has to accompany her father to a party held in a luxurious hotel and curses her unfortunate life as a daughter of a ruthless tycoon. Her role is to blandish a businessman who is planning to take over her father's company by seducing him with her youth and beauty, to maneuver the deal in favor of her father. By the time an irresistibly attractive man comes into view, Eve is fed up with everything. Defeated by his temptation, Eve shares a passionate kiss with him, not knowing that he is the man who she has to sweeten tonight!
Josei Romance
Status in Country of Origin
1 Volume (Complete)

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20 July 2011

Mirror Image

Associated Names: The Wrong Mirror
Author: Emma Darcy

Artist: HASHIMOTO Takako
Genre: Josei | Romance
Year: 2011
Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete)

He had robbed her of everyone she loved

To Karen Aylward, newspaper magnate Hal Chissolm was a monster. He'd refused to marry Kirsty, her pregnant twin sister, so that Kirsty had given up their son at birth--to be adopted by Karen.

Then Kirsty was fatally injured in a terrorist attack. And from her deathbed she had told Hal about their child. It was the first Hal had heard of him.

He wanted the son he had never known and he threatened to take him away unless Karen agreed to marry him. To her he had seemed to be a man of no feeling, yet clearly he was--and the feelings he aroused in Karen were equally intense ....

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16 July 2011

Kizuato made Aishite

Associated Names: The Billionaire Boss's Forbidden Mistress
Author: Miranda Lee
Artist: TODA Megumi
Genre: Josei | Romance
Year: 2009
Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete)
Blessed with brilliant beauty and abundant wealth; Lena used to be a prince of the fashionable society until an accident took everything away from her, leaving only ugly scar in her leg. Her husband despised the car and dumped her. "I never trust a man..." Since then, a smile has disappeared from her face and she has withdrawn and lived a quiet life. She never expects that her extremely sexy boss is determined to make her his own.

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9 July 2011

Princess no Kakurega

Associated Names: Royally Bedded, Regally Wedded

Author: Julia JAMES
Artist: OGIMARU Masako
Genre: Josei | Romance
Year: 2009
Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete)
Lizzy has taken second place to her beautiful sister, Maria, for too long. One day, Maria dies in a traffic accident and Lizzy decides to adopt her sister's orphaned son, Ben, whose father is unknown. Since then, she has been living a happy life as a single mother. But one day Prince Enrico comes to claim Ben, saying his deceased brother is Ben's father. Ben is the only heir to the throne of his principality. "I have nothing to live for but Ben!" Lizzy firmly refuses Prince Enrico's claim....

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5 July 2011

Next Manhwa/Manga Project Poll

Ok, Why Do You Love Me is almost coming to an end,
so it's time to vote for our next future project, which can all be found on Shojo Manhwa Raws.
Here They Are:
Boys Break 
His House 
Sour and Sweet
For all those who don't know, 
Neko-Rin Scans closed down due to lack of translators, so I don't think they'll release any of their projects soon, that's why I added Boys Break and His House on the poll list.
P.S. We're only picking requests from the forum so please post your request there from now on or your request will be ignored.

Recruiting 2 Typesetters

I need 2 Typesetters asap, please only apply if you have free time as in can submit the work in 24-48 hrs, i'll be moving houses soon so i'm gonna be busy with packing and stuff, since the we've got a lot of typesetting to do, i need 2 really fast typesetters

Do Not Fight 26-30 pages
Marionette 28-30
WDYLM 30 pages

Only 2 needed so, First 2 ppl to leave comments can be hired,

P.S 24-48hr requirement is only temporary

2 July 2011

Sheikh no Ryakudatsu Ai

Associated Names: The Sheikh's Ransomed Bride
Author: Annie West
Artist: SAGARA Kyouko
Genre: Josei | Romance
Year: 2011
Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete)

from fictiondb:
Wife--rescued and paid for!

Kidnapped by rebels, Belle Winters discovers her rescuer is Rafiq al Akhtar, Sovereign Prince of the desert kingdom of Q'aroum. Whisked away to his exotic palace, Rafiq expects her to show her gratitude...by marrying him!

Rafiq demands Belle perform all her royal duties--both in public and in private. Soon she succumbs to the sultry heat of the desert and to Rafiq's seduction. Belle is no longer an unwilling wife, now she is the sheikh's very willing lover....

Surrender To The Sheikh: He's proud, passionate, primal--dare she surrender to the Sheikh?
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Note: The editor for this harlequin went on vacation before she was able to work on part 2 so plz be wait till she's back
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Bride of the Water God

Alt. Name: 하백의 신부 , Habaek Author: YOON Mi-kyung Genres: Drama | Fantasy | Historical | Romance | Shoujo | Supernatural Statu...