31 January 2011

Ichiya dake no Princess

Associated Names: Princess of Convenience
Artist: HASHIMOTO Takako
Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete)
Year: 2008
In order to buy the highest quality yarn, fashion designer Jessica travels to the Principality of Alp'Azuri in Europe. While admiring the picture-perfect beautiful landscapes on a drive through the country, an out-of-control car smashes into Jessica's car at full speed and knocks her out! When she regains consciousness, she finds herself at the royal palace. Alp'Azuri's Prince Raoul's fiancee died in that crash. Jessica blames herself for her death, but Raoul firmly asserts that it is not her fault...

29 January 2011

Mahou no Kagami ni Sasayaite

Associated Names: Avoiding Mr. Right
Artist: OKAMOTO Keiko
Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete)
Year: 2008
Christina is a tanned tomboy who works as a crew member on ships. One day she is suddenly approached by a handsome and mysterious man at a Mediterranean harbor town. Why would he choose to talk to her, when there are so many other beautiful girls? He tells her his name is Luc Henri, and she realizes everyone in town knows him by name. He tells her he will see her again before leaving. A few days later, while working on a ship chartered by a royal family, Christina bumps into Luc again..

As promised, chapter is here,that officially marks the end of this manga, hope you enjoyed


9 January 2011

Future Project

Hello everyone, I was thinking about what our future project should be and decided to make a poll,if you look to your right,you will see the poll,there are 4 projects listed.You can get the synopsis about them from shojo-manhwa raws as well as the Raw Scans
Obviously,the one with the most votes will be the next project,poll ends in 4 days and counting

ps: if the project you want is not winning you could always ask friends to help you out with the vote[my cheating friend just taught me that]

1 January 2011

Tameiki no Gogo

Associated Names: ため息の午後, It Takes a Rebel
Genre: Josei Romance
Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete)
Alex hates hearing that she gets preferential treatment as the daughter of the CEO of a top department store, so works harder than anyone else. She is incensed by Jack, the rep of an ad agency who scuffily dressed, visits regarding a new ad and has the nerve to try to seduce Alex! There is no way this kinda guy can work properly...but seeing Jack's presentation the next day, Clara can't take her eyes off him...

Happy new year all this is our newest project let us know if you like it by leaving a comment,also say hello to our newest translator LULU who translated this project.

Download available in Forum

Bride of the Water God

Alt. Name: 하백의 신부 , Habaek Author: YOON Mi-kyung Genres: Drama | Fantasy | Historical | Romance | Shoujo | Supernatural Statu...