19 April 2015

Hanayome ni Naru Hi

Author: Jennifer Drew 
Artist:  ISEZAKI Towa
from fictiondb:
Marriage was never in the cards for Cole Bailey. But his grandfather is demanding he marry a "nice" girl -- and soon! When he asks his old chum Tess Morgan to hook him up with her single friends, she's less than thrilled. How can she prove she's the perfect one...and that there's simply one bride too many?

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11 April 2015

Boss to Hisho no Juunikagetsu

Author: Emilie Rose
Artist:  AI Marito
CEO Rand Kincaid had never been coerced--until his entire future was at stake. Under the stipulations of his father's will, Rand had to rehire Tara Anthony as his assistant. It was either get along with the one woman who'd dared to leave him first, or lose his family empire. 

But before Tara would accept, she gave Rand her own demands. She wanted a second chance, with Rand back in her home and bed as her lover. And nothing prepared him for where this arrangement would lead.

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Nan Eomma Nun Appa

Synopsis :    A plain high school girl, Sun-Nam Bae. She wanted to be free for once in her life, and decided to rebel. But the result...