18 September 2015

Nan Eomma Nun Appa

Synopsis :  
A plain high school girl, Sun-Nam Bae.
She wanted to be free for once in her life, and decided to rebel. But the result of such rebellion.... being a mom?! 
"Who the heck are you? Where did a ugly pumpkin like this roll in from? You think I was born a man, just to live with a ugly girl like you?" 
Bravely standing her ground against a spoilt young master, Chun-Doong Mah, with her child. Chun-Doong and Sun-Nam's tumultuous diary of raising a child!!

Author(s) : HWANG Mi Ri

Artist(s) : HWANG Mi Ri
Status in Country of Origin : 18 Volumes (Complete)
Associated Names : 
난 엄마 넌 아빠
I Am Mama, and You Are Papa
I Mama You Papa
I Mama; You Papa
Genre : Drama / Romance / Shoujo 
Year : 2010
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  1. Thank you soooo much!! I'm addicted because I hate the bastard and his family but I can't stop reading. Sometimes I wanna pop into the manga and choke him. Anyway, thanks again. >_<

  2. i loooove that manhwa, i hope u keep going with the translation until the end ^^. looking forward for more chapters hehe its a pity i have o idea of korean, i would help u if i would

  3. THAN YOU FOR YOUR UPDATES!! THEY'RE SO GOODD!! Omg. You don't know how each update makes my day. :D

  4. thank you soo much for this manhwa!! can't wait for the rest

  5. thank you for your hard work and time .i love this manga, i hope u keep going with the translation until the end ^^. i am looking forward for more chapters .thank you for your time

  6. Ty for the scans. Once i get a job i will donate

  7. I read this manhwa by chance and I actually like it, if it was licensed I would definitely purchase it.....Thank you guys for the releases.

  8. Some of the links are dead, is it possible to re-upload the files please? I posted on the forum on which chapters and volumes need a re-upload. Thanks! :)

  9. I love this manhwa thank for the realeases

  10. been waiting for the next chapter, thank you so much for updating :') Truly appreciated ^_^

  11. Hi how can I download manhwa on iPad free

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Its already 2017 please update more

  14. Hi.. I really lote this manga ... Please can someome translade.. I really want to know the final chapter

  15. Please upload more, I am dying to finish this manhwa.


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