23 July 2013

Recruiting !!!


Recruiting:Translators[Korean/Vietnamese] Cleaners, Editors and Typesetters

Chou yo Hana Yo
Recruiting: Cleaners and Typesetters

Bride of the Water god
Recruiting:Translators[Korean/Chinese], Cleaners and  Typesetters

Recruiting: Cleaners 

Bad Girls
Recruiting: Cleaners, Editors and Typesetters

Salon H

Recruiting: Translators[Korean] Cleaners, Editors and Typesetters

Four Weeks

Recruiting: Translators[Chinese] Cleaners, Editors and Typesetters

Bride of the water God

Bride of the water God chapter 152 / 153   Mirror released  I can't access the forum for some reason so releases will be posted...