13 June 2015

Looking for cleaners, typesetters and translators for Never Cry

As you can see we're very busy with updating Never Cry, but we really need a little more help, so if you can clean, typeset or translate please help us out ;) email us at smscans@gmail.com or put a comment below with your e-mailadres and i'll contact you ^_^

If you want to help with one of the other projects, than your help is also very welcome!

Synopsis :  

Joeun remembers everything that turned her life upside down. She remembers the man who helped her out at the darkest of times, who abandoned her while calling her cursed. She remembers her prince, who she had her first kiss with at the age of eight. He, too, abandoned her in one day. She remembers the strange black haired man who beat her mother up. Everyone said that she was cursed, and she wants to prove them wrong. Eight years later, Joeun finds a wallet. She is going to turn it in when her friend is caught by a gangster and lots of money is needed to save her. But the wallet owner sees everything, and decides that Joeun is his next target for revenge. But the wallet owner seems to be a cross-gender freak.

New Forum!!!

Hi all, we have a new forum which is still under maintenance. I'll do my best to upload all our past and current project links. for the ...