7 December 2016

Hello !!!

Hi everyone i'm back, well sort of. still need staff, so normal releases will resume again when i have enough volunteers, We need Korean Chinese and Japanese translators, typesetters and cleaners, I'll need someone to manage the cleaning team as i don't have time to do them all
email smscans@gmail.com
And please only apply if you have time to do the job, a lot of people sign up and disappoint us later on

P.S Baby acturay pt 2 is now in the forum to download

26 June 2016


Hi all sorry there hasn't been updates in a while my computer broke down and I've had to restore whiles deleted all my files, I'll try and find all my old file from e-mails and start updating again, and for all those whose volunteered and haven't heard a reply sorry I'll e-mail you soon

1 April 2016

Baby Actuary

Author:Emilie Rose
Artist: Marito Ai
Associated Names [
Executive's Pregnancy Ultimatum

Flynn Maddox, the driven vice president of Maddox Communications, thought he was over his ex-wife, Renee. But when he learned that they were still married -- and that she was trying to have his baby -- he realized he had never stopped wanting her. It was time to put his fierce negotiating skills to good use. He would give her the baby she so desperately wanted...but not without getting her to sign off on some terms of his own.
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18 February 2016

Recruiting Team

Hi I've been awol for a while, this is because I'm working 60 hours a week so and I'm by myself atm, a few people have volunteered but again I'm tired when i get home so I haven't had the chance to give them details on how things work, So I'm recruiting a team;

Harlequin Manga Team: I need 3 people who will capture images of the harlequin mangas, the site I purchase the manga from is online reading only, so you'll need to capture the images and send them to me for release

Cleaning Team: I'll need a leader preferably someone with a cleaning a experience because the leader will be in charger of new recruit, checking their work and also giving out work.

Image Editor: I'll need a leader for this team as well, you'll collaborate with the cleaning team most of the time, just like the harlequin team there are some raws that's can't be downloaded especially the webtoon projects, some are online only, so we normally need a copy for the translators and the cleaners

Translators Team: I need Korean, Japanese, and Chinese Translators, again I'll appoint a leader for each language so we can work on releasing more chapters of one project per month

Typesetter: I'm still in charge of typesetting so anyone interested please take the test and send it to me via e-mail

Scan providers: We need scans for Beautiful Guy and Suspicious Scandal, if you know where to find the raws please contact me

P.S No ones get paid for what we do at SMS, so If anyone is interested and would like to volunterr  please e-mail smscans@gmail.com and please we'll need reliable people for these job, only apply if you'll in in for the long haul.

New Forum!!!

Hi all, we have a new forum which is still under maintenance. I'll do my best to upload all our past and current project links. for the ...