21 October 2012

Nisennme no Proposal

Associated Names:  A Man for Megan
Author: Darlene Scalera
Artist:   AKINO Matsuri
Genres: Josei | Romance 
Year: 2004
Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete)
"Working at a small town plant, scrimping to save for the wedding of her dreams and wanting nothing more than security, Megan definitely wasn't ready for the genie that popped out of her garage sale crock pot, or the trouble his promised three wishes could cause."

—Debbie Richardson

Manga adaptation of A Man for Megan, a romance novel by Darlene Scalera.

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1 October 2012

Diamond Life

Alt. Title:ダイヤモンドライフLove Money Baby
Author: FUJIWARA Akira
Genres: Drama  Josei  Romance  Slice of Life  
Year: 2007
Status in Country of Origin: 3 Volumes (Complete)
Kanae dropped out of high school, because her father is a gambler while her mother ran away with her boyfriend. Kanae is twenty-two years old, and very poor working for a cleaning shop. She comes to have something to do with Haruki Oda quite by chance. Haruki is an IT millionaire and called "money-mad man," or "the god of death." Then Kanae's life makes a sudden development. Money cannot be made by love alone, though love cannot be bought with money. People of today want to have both love and money. This get-happy-story is a must read for the present-day people.
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