17 December 2010


Alt. Title: 란제리, Lingerie: A Town of Creating Flowers
Genres: Fantasy | Historical | Romance | Shoujo
Year: 2008
Status in Country of Origin: 7 Volumes (Complete)
The series is set in a more historical Korean setting but is about lingerie designers.
It helps to have one of the designers be a hot guy. 
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Volume 1:
Ch. 1-6 Released
Volume 2:
Ch. 7-12  Released
Volume 3:
Ch. 13-18 Released
Volum: 4:
Ch. 19 Released
Ch. 20 Released


  1. Hello my name is Ciel and i was wondering if u would like to do a joint on the project. It has very beautiful artwork. You can contact me at blackrosescans@yahoo.com

  2. Ok i'll ask Mally if she is ok with it and i'll send you a message

  3. Hi shouldn't this manhwa be in color ? I have 6 chapters of this manhwa in color but not good quality

  4. can u pm me the link for it on MF Meriem,we'r about to start on chapter 2.and i've been trying t find the rest of the volumes,but only got vols 1-2

  5. Sorry iv been gone but thank you for consefering it

  6. sweeett! thanks for the new lingerie!!! (sound funny)

  7. :L Just read chapter 6... I am so curious now! Also, thank you for your hard work on this series!

  8. I posted a comment about Lingerie elsewhere but I will say it again. You should do Volume 2 and the rest. Its a very interesting story if a little odd to have lingerie design shop set in historical Korea.

  9. Hello! I love this manhwa !thank you very much for translating it!

  10. how often do you release chapters fr this manhwa??


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