29 January 2011

Mahou no Kagami ni Sasayaite

Associated Names: Avoiding Mr. Right
Artist: OKAMOTO Keiko
Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete)
Year: 2008
Christina is a tanned tomboy who works as a crew member on ships. One day she is suddenly approached by a handsome and mysterious man at a Mediterranean harbor town. Why would he choose to talk to her, when there are so many other beautiful girls? He tells her his name is Luc Henri, and she realizes everyone in town knows him by name. He tells her he will see her again before leaving. A few days later, while working on a ship chartered by a royal family, Christina bumps into Luc again..

As promised, chapter is here,that officially marks the end of this manga, hope you enjoyed



  1. The download is still password protected.

  2. i'll remove it in a minute i just wanted to make sure there were no errors,

  3. OMG!! what a great manga and story! very interesting indeed!! thanks so much for the great work!! looking forward to more!

  4. u'r welcome, i'm release chapter 2 in a minute

  5. I read the simmary and it seems really interesting, thanks a lot.

  6. Thank you for this new project :D

  7. Er... tomboy? Not really. In my sourroundings tomboys are girls who clothe themselves in boys' clothes + do actions that are usually associated with guys.

  8. wow really fast releases!! thank you very much!!

  9. Thank you so much! :)

  10. I just read this the other day and loved it, short but very enjoyable. Only wish her strong and independant side lasted a bit a longer.
    Also read Ichiya dake no Princess which was enjoyable as well.
    I really like these short storys you have been releasing, thank you.

  11. Thank you for all the hard work and fast releases!! I'm too pessimistic....I'm just trying to wrap my head around falling in love after a couple of days but what can I expect from a 4 chapter manga, lol. It was still enjoyable to read.

    I have to agree with shaanjin on the tomboy thing. I don't know any tomboys who wear dresses, lol. I should know I'm a tomboy (although I don't sound like one here)

  12. Thanks for the release..


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