25 September 2011

Recruitment + Updates

We need typesetters[we've got a lot of translations piled up, and i'm sure you all want quicker releases so of you know how to typeset plz e-mail us]

Korean Translators-->> We also need Korean translators for "The Bride of the Water God & Lingerie"

Cleaners--->> We're still recruiting,

I'm happy to inform you that one of our Admin. is now now done editing the second part of "The Sheikh's Ransomed Bride" and the manhwa "Lost in London" volume 2 is out and chapter 7 is currently in typesetting


  1. i would like to help in typesetting but it may take me 2-3 days coz i only have 3 hrs spare time in a day :P

  2. i dont know if i can be of any help.. but i recently started photoshop lessons at school.. maybe after receiving some instructions i could clean some projects for you><

    but first of all... WHEN IS THE NEXT TAMING JASON COMING><?

    im so impatient for it..

    anyhow think about my offer^^

  3. @ivoj7 its k no problem plz help out..our readers are really patient

  4. If you still need a French translator, please email me at lecielbleu1012@gmail.com.
    Hope to help you.

  5. im free mostly, but i help my parents sometimes.

    im good with photoshop and id ie to try typesetting if your still recruting id love to help.

    my email is animeangel58@gmail.com


Bride of the Water God

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