18 December 2011

Shouhin wa Okuman Chouja!

"You've been chosen to date a billionaire!" Beth is startled to receive such a phone call. It appears her neighbor entered her in a competition without telling her! The prize is a date with Kane, a famous billionaire, but Beth is not interested and rejects this golden opportunity. The news reaches Kane and his heart is ignited-- no woman could ever reject him, could she? His pride hurt, Kane vows to win over Beth's heart!
Julianna Morris
Josei Romance
Status in Country of Origin
1 Volume (Complete)
Associated Names
A Date with a Billionaire
Shouhin wa Okumanchouja!

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  1. I noticed after the download that the pages were viewing out of order.

    Using parenthesis ( ) in the file name causes the pages to revert to the 1,10-19 and so on viewing pattern. This will need to be fixed before anyone uploads this to any of the manga viewing sites. The pages will show up out of order there.

  2. I don't understand what the problem is...
    When I view it, I never get pages that are out of order.

  3. The pages weren't out of order for me either, but some people seemed to have trouble with them so I went ahead and renumbered....thanxs for erasing that last comment couldn't do it myself....

  4. I think it depends on where you view the images, I used to view them on office picture manager (it allows you to scroll down using the mouse wheel, some other viewer enlarge the picture if you spin the wheel) and that program often messed up the order. I now have windows 7 so I just use the preview window to read :P


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