17 January 2012

Koi ga Moumoku nara

from fictiondb:
She didn't intend to deceive him

When Philomena Peabody met her boss's son, he was suffering temporary snow blindness. "You sound like somebody's mother;" Penn Wilderman said, convinced by her no-nonsense attitude that she was "a sweet little old lady."

Even after she'd moved into his luxurious mansion to help look after his son, Phil couldn't disillusion Penn about her age.

To help win a custody battle for his teenage son, Phil agreed to marry Penn. But she dreaded facing him once the bandages were off, and he could see his attractive twenty-seven-year-old wife....
Status in Country of Origin
1 Volume (Complete)
Associated Names
If Love Be Blind

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Chapter 1-Released


  1. This will be a good manga. I hope for the next chapter to be out soon. Keep the good work guys.

  2. Ooooooh, this looks so nice, I'm really looking forward to reading it :3 Unfortunately my nerves can't stand cliffhangers though, so I'll wait until it's finished. Otherwise I might turn into a when-is-the-next-chapter troll XD Anyway, thanks for picking this up, the story sounds really goos and the art is gorgeous 83

  3. please upload onto Mangafox. :)

  4. Thank you so much for the release!

  5. i love you all but my only request is that you update the page with the info of each manga how far you've completed. i'm not asking for faster updates, but a more 'real-time' knowledge of how many chapters have been completed. i appreciate all that you've done, and it amazes me. thank you for all your hard work.

  6. thanks for all the hard work and for uploading it on Mangafox. Thanks alot!

  7. Thank for the hard work. hope to see the last ch. soon ^^ thank you...!!!

  8. wow i just post this yesterday but i see the ending already ^^ you guys are working hard...thank you^^


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