10 June 2012

Rittsu de Yuushoku

Description From Dark Horse: Quincy wouldn't have seen this coming in her wildest dreams. What ordinary girl-next-door would? One minute you're sitting down to tea in your kitchen, talking with a friend, and the next-the man of your dreams comes knocking at your door, and he's looking for YOU. Quincy never expected to be swept off her feet by a gorgeous, world-famous pop star, but now that it's happening, she's not sure she's the right one for him. Swept up in the glamorous thrill of it all, Quincy is worried that it's all happening a little too fast, not to mention her concerns that she's really not the right girl to call a sexy superstar her boyfriend. It's a good thing for Joe that his desire to be with her is as strong as his star appeal!
 Author(s) Charlotte Lamb
Artist(s) HANABUSA Youko
Year 1998
Genre Drama Josei Romance
 Associated Names リッツで夕食 A Wild Affair Idol Dreams
 Status in Country of Origin 1 Volume (Complete)

 Download PART 1
 Download Part 2 (END)


  1. Ooooooh 8D I haven't read this one yet *excited* Thank you so much for the release ^_^ The art looks lovely btw and the story sounds really good, can't wait to read 83 I'm gonna save it for a bit and read it when I've worked hard, I need some motivation right now, cause I can't concentrate on what I'm supposed to do AT ALL XD

  2. i o really do not liked the fact that it is pink, i felt lost qhen i was reading it, i do not know why.

    at the other hand i do really liked the story, it was so unexpected.

    thanks for it

  3. Thanks for the release... it was really great!

  4. good godd and good I don't know what I must add to write.

  5. same here, pink is realy no good i've had to recolor all images in shades of grey before reading and it was much more enjoyable that way.

  6. Hi, could you updated the links, please? Or anyone has the files? Please share with me. >.<

  7. Please change the links!! The story seems so interesting!!


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