30 July 2012

Chigireta Heart

 Dr. Ramon Cortero's patient, Nurse Noreen Kensington, has a serious case of heartache. Maybe the only remedy is a dose of old-fashioned tender loving care from the seductive doctor! But Ramon's stormy history with Noreen made him the one man she didn't want rescuing her now that she was ill.
When truths about the past are revealed, Ramon is determined to make things right with the woman who's haunted his dreams for so long. But will this patient doctor be able to mend Noreen's broken heart before it's too late? 

 Author(s)  Diana Palmer 
Artist(s)  HOSHIAI Misao 
Year 2003
Genre Drama Josei Romance
 Associated Names  ちぎれたハート The Patient Nurse 
Status in Country of Origin 1 Volume (Complete)

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Cliffhanger!!! Very interesting can't wait for the next chapter. Thank you for the hard work.

  3. finally, another Harlequin ^__^. thanks a lot, can't wait for the next chap....

  4. I'm really really looking forward to the next chapter!! Thank you for your hard work!!

  5. i do like the harlequin, it seems interesting regarding the problem.

  6. Thank you for this series! :D

  7. Thank You soooo much, I love this new story!

  8. i really like the story, what is going to happen next?

  9. the story is great but the las part gave me enough to laugh, he ended up giving a really crazy excuse about his feelings towards her.


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