18 September 2012

Hisho no Jouken

Associated Names:  Secretary on Demand
Author: Cathy William
Artist:   NAGASAKI Maoko
Genres: Josei | Romance 
Year: 2005
Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete)
At his beck and call -- day and night!

Kane Lindley is a regular customer at the restaurant where Shannon works. When an incident results in her getting the sack, Kane comes to the rescue and offers her a job!

As well as being his secretary, Shannon also finds herself caring for his young daughter. In fact, he even persuades her to move into his home! But all the while Shannon is fighting her attraction to her boss, playing the part of a responsible, diligent employee -- until Kane propositions her, daring her to act on the overwhelming attraction between them....

Nine to Five
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  1. Wow another HQ. Is this going to be one sms is translating in parts?

  2. Yay, another hq!! But is there any chances of it being released as a whole? The ones divided into five parts are so annoying!! I have to wait until there are all five parts or else I'm stuck with a cliffhanger every time the part ends. but if it can't be helped, then I understand. atleast you are releasing hq stories. are there any other groups that do this or is it just sms?

  3. please as soon as possible it looks exciting thanks to you all


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