20 November 2012

Salon H

Alt. Title:N/A

Author: PARK So Hee
Genres: Comedy  Shoujo  
Year: 2012
Status in Country of Origin:26 Chapters (Ongoing)
A young very talented hairdresser (but with an obsession for scissors), is one day recruited by an old man. Finally, this is what he believes, until he discovers that the old man in question is the president of best hair salon in Seoul! He finally accepted the offer, and thus begins his story! Challenges, friendship, and delirious situations will fill his life now! And if love also pointed tip of his nose ... ?

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1 comment:

  1. I read Salon H even farther then ch2 and it's reallly good! but i think it'll be kind of hard to understand if they don't really understand the culture of Korea..


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