16 February 2013

Lady e no Kaidan

The Braddock blood ran fierce and true in Peter Braddock. Yet his scandalous past kept the youngest Braddock sibling from feeling he really belonged in the elite society his family ruled. Perhaps that's what made him defend shy, awkward Theadosia Berenson -- the ugly duckling debutante -- and landed him in trouble that led to a marriage proposal!Thea knew Peter felt honor-bound to propose. But the perpetual wallflower couldn't say no to the man who stirred her secret fantasies. Though she tried to hide her tender feelings, one kiss revealed a shocking desire between them. Would the spark ignite a fire -- and lead two lonely hearts home? [Taken from FictionDB]

Karen Toller Whittenburg

Artist: KISHIDA Reiko
Year :2008
Genre :Josei Romance
Associated Names [Edit]
レディへの階段; The Blacksheep's Arranged Marriage

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  1. Can't wait for more to read..

  2. Wow! I really like this one... Are you going to publish rest of the Braddock family stories as well?

  3. I'm really liking this story. Thanks!!!
    Cris Veiga

  4. What manga websites has almost all the harlequin series?

  5. Hi! i am part of a Fansub, called Whitelies fansub, I wanted to know if I give permission to use yours scans of Lafy e no kaidan for translated to spanish. thank you very much


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