14 April 2013

Muku na Princess

"Your father just asked me to marry you." These are the words of the handsome man who appeared in front of Gabriella, the heiress to a fortune. He is Prince Ricardo of the principality of Moldoravia. "I won't marry a notorious European playboy!" Luckily, he doesn't want to get married, either, but that fact shakes Gabriella. What dramatic event will bring them together in marriage...? 

Author(s): Fiona Hood-Stewart
Artist:  HAMAGUCHI Natsuko
Year :2008
Genre :Josei Romance
Associated Names 
The Royal Marriage

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  1. Wher can I read this manhwa on ? I have been trying to fine and having no luck at all

  2. Thank you so very much for donlowin it

  3. Real wanna read but I can't download all these manwha or read by online. How can I download>>>??? If someone knew about these problem, please help me....Thanks before hand.

  4. I believe this is missing a chapter as it ends sort of anticlimactically in the middle. Either that or it is the weirdest ending ever.


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