19 December 2014

Himitsu no Wedding

Author:  Liz Fielding
Artist:  Hinoto Mori,
Despite their families being in a long feud with each other, Fleur and Matt fall in love. They get married in secret, but on their first night together, they receive terrible news. Fleur's mother and Matt's father eloped, but they were in an accident and died. Matt suggests they both leave, but Fleur insists on staying with her family. Six years after they have separated, Fleur is on the verge of bankruptcy, and Matt, who she hasn't heard from or seen all that time, appears in front of her. He coldly tells her, "I've come back to take my son who you gave birth to."

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    1. An ode to the ladies of SMS

      Double DoubleToil and Trouble
      Cauldron boil and Cauldron bubble
      And when the flames and steam abates
      Another wondrous story awaits
      © Pony
      Apologies to both Willie and Mac

  2. The typesetting for Bride of the Water God latest chapter..is really off in the bubbles...

  3. i was a mix of bad love stories, hate and desire; a god mix.


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