7 December 2016

Hello !!!

Hi everyone i'm back, well sort of. still need staff, so normal releases will resume again when i have enough volunteers, We need Korean Chinese and Japanese translators, typesetters and cleaners, I'll need someone to manage the cleaning team as i don't have time to do them all
email smscans@gmail.com
And please only apply if you have time to do the job, a lot of people sign up and disappoint us later on

P.S Baby acturay pt 2 is now in the forum to download


  1. hello and happy Christmas dear friend i can clean the manga please as you wish tell me and my English languages is weak have Good time

  2. I'm interested in positions other than translator because I can't translate anything. My japanese is not that great even if I live here in Japan. Please do email me if you still need an extra hand. nikki24labsu@gmail.com


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