31 May 2011

Chinese Translators

We're now recruiting Chinese→English translators, so if you've got time and would like to help plz e-mail on smscans@gmail.com

ATM,we have enough French translators so we're no longer recruiting, a big thank you to all those who volunteered ^_^


  1. It does seem that our 2nd largest readers are from France...
    Are your Raws in Chinese & French
    and not Korean or Japanese?...

  2. Hi! You want translators from french to english?

  3. @Lida
    yes from french to english

  4. I can't help in June (exams and all) but I can help you from July. I'll message you when I'm exam-free. Is it ok for you?

  5. @Lida
    yes that's OK, e-mail me when you're ready ^_^

  6. Hi. I would be happy to translate from french to english but I'm afraid of making mistakes about specific terms.

  7. @matsumoto10
    no worries,we'll have a proofreader on it,e-mail me and i'll give you the details


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