18 May 2011

Lost in London

Associated Names: N/A
Year: 2009
Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Ongoing)

Mysterious murders have been taking place in town lately and everyone is uneasy. Anne may look like an ordinary teenage girl in plain human’s eyes but she has something unique and exotic that attracts Vampires. May it be her blood type or even something in her skin that makes vampires so attracted to her? No one knows... One thing is for sure, Vampires keep coming in the city she lives in and they are even in her school now! Luckily for her, she has her brother to protect her and also one mysterious new guy...

This is our new Project ''Lost in London'' which i think is awesome,I absolutely love the art,this is definitely a must read

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  1. Thank you so much for this release!!! You are the best!! :D

  2. Thank you This story is pretty good so far
    I love the art by this author

  3. The art is superb as always... I'm a fan of this author, Lee Eun Young, since I was really addicted to Saver (another spectacular work of hers)... Thank you for this release...

  4. Just want to ask, is there no synopsis or summary for this manhwa??? It would be nice to know some background of the story though... Thanks... :)

  5. SOO good!!! Love all your releases

  6. @luzdurano12
    we don't have the synopsis ATM, it'll be posted as soon as we get them

  7. @ duchess1

    Ok... I hope you can get it soon... Will be looking forward to it.. Thanks.. :)

  8. Thanks for the update
    I wonder where the vampire saw anna's brother at?

  9. waah, why dropped?
    Easy going scans take so long to release one chapter its bothering me -____-


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