5 July 2011

Recruiting 2 Typesetters

I need 2 Typesetters asap, please only apply if you have free time as in can submit the work in 24-48 hrs, i'll be moving houses soon so i'm gonna be busy with packing and stuff, since the we've got a lot of typesetting to do, i need 2 really fast typesetters

Do Not Fight 26-30 pages
Marionette 28-30
WDYLM 30 pages

Only 2 needed so, First 2 ppl to leave comments can be hired,

P.S 24-48hr requirement is only temporary


  1. Hi! I'm not sure if you need a typesetter still, but I can help if you still do. You can contact me through my email: ams.202012@yahoo.com

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