2 July 2011

Sheikh no Ryakudatsu Ai

Associated Names: The Sheikh's Ransomed Bride
Author: Annie West
Artist: SAGARA Kyouko
Genre: Josei | Romance
Year: 2011
Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete)

from fictiondb:
Wife--rescued and paid for!

Kidnapped by rebels, Belle Winters discovers her rescuer is Rafiq al Akhtar, Sovereign Prince of the desert kingdom of Q'aroum. Whisked away to his exotic palace, Rafiq expects her to show her gratitude...by marrying him!

Rafiq demands Belle perform all her royal duties--both in public and in private. Soon she succumbs to the sultry heat of the desert and to Rafiq's seduction. Belle is no longer an unwilling wife, now she is the sheikh's very willing lover....

Surrender To The Sheikh: He's proud, passionate, primal--dare she surrender to the Sheikh?
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Note: The editor for this harlequin went on vacation before she was able to work on part 2 so plz be wait till she's back
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  1. Looking forward to the next part...
    Compliments to SAGARA Kyouko's art (Arabian Scenery).
    Rafiq is Hot (good-looking/gorgeous) *blush*

    I don't mind the cursive but I noticed a few misspellings.

  2. Hi SMS-Team,

    please, oh please switch to a other Font in this Manga! Its really hard to read for someone, like me, where the english is "ok" ^^'. A Font without Serif and not so curly >_<


  3. this is ongoing series right?

    [coz it is under oneshot category, so i'm not quite sure whether it is complete or not...]
    but i'm sure that SAGARA Kyouko's art will be lovely.... ;)

  4. When will the next part be up?
    Do you need help with the editing?

  5. This is so GOOD!! Can't wait for the next part(s)

  6. When's the next part going to be up?
    I can't wait for it! Love the series!!!

  7. anyone has any ideas when the next part is going to be out?

  8. I can't wait for the second part to be released..:D..thanks for all the hard work and for sharing such great manga..:D

  9. i can't wait.... so plz plz plz ^^finish it asap.... love you guys ^^ and thanks for the hard work

  10. i want to read the next part please .... when will it be posted?...

  11. it September already, when would it be up? thank you.

  12. Lovely! I have to agree with changing the font to something less curly though; even I have problems reading it sometimes and english is my first language =^_^=. Sorry! But otherwise really great quality scans!

  13. I think i have the novel version in spanish. :o TOO LAZY TO READ IN SPANISH. *goes read the manga version*

  14. I wish i would have the novel versión in spanish, thats my first language.... Good job and thanks for you hard work.

  15. i read the ebook, and i liked the harlequin a lot more than the e-book.

    that was sad


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