23 April 2012


Author : 매주 토Artist : 미소Year : 2010 ?
Genre : Romance / Shojo / Comedy
Status in Country of Origin : 24 Chapters (COMPLETE)

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  1. The artist's name is Mi Soo, the author's name is MaeJu To. This is based on my very limited knowledge on Korean Hangul. =3

  2. GASP. A new interesting manhwa? The image looks like it's a webcomic, but I'm guessing it isn't since there is difficulty in finding information about the manhwa. Oh the horror of having to wait now that we will be presented the first chapter soon. Honestly I would prefer waiting for Lingerie and Sour & Sweet to be completed before you guys began releasing this one, but since it seems like "my cup of tea" kind of manhwa, I'll let myself be tortured.=)

  3. Hi, just a passerby here. The author and artist is Miso. If there's 글/그림 name on the screen, it means both the author and artist is that person ^^

  4. Thanks for scanning this. It's a really nice serie.

  5. So only 24 chapters ;/ Still Good job in finishing this project :)


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