15 April 2012

HQ Update

I apologize for the delay on the HQ update[my internet has been down for the past 3 days], We'll continue the HQ as usual, but any projects by Day Leclaire is now banned, we just hope we won't have future problems with any other authors, I love HQ manga, it's how i discovered and started buying the novels in the first place and i don't want to scanlating them.

P.S IDK when my internert will start working again,I'm connected to my neighbor's wireless right now but the connection is low so i lose it sometimes, so if you've e-mailed me and haven't got y reply plz be patient.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Phew :) I'm definitely relieved you're not stopping ^_^ And thumbs up to SMscans for listening to the author :)

  3. That's a weight off my mind, really! Thanks a lot for your last comment. :)

    Although I can't speak for all of us but I guess, after this shock not less of us are absolutely okay with waiting a few more days. Don't worry about that ;)

  4. Thank God! What happy news. I am sure all HQ fans agree with me and will be happy to wait a little more after having dealt with the possibility of no more harlequins. Thanks for the great work.

  5. Good on you SMS, No matter how i feel about the authors message, i think you guys handeled it in the best possible way, congrats :)
    As for still releasing HQs that is the best news dunno what i would have done without my weekly fix, keep up the good work. xD

  6. I share your feelings. Through you I found a lot of good stories and started buying and reading books also for leisure (I couldn't find time since middle school). Even though I understand Day Leclaire, she probably does not see things though our point of view. I would not have known her work, but for you guys. You are great (and free) advertisement for HQ.
    I love you so much. Keep up with the hard work.

  7. No problem at all. I actually thought you guys were going to hold out a little longer on releasing HQ after the Day LeClaire email so I'm ecstatic to know that there is a release today. =D Who would have known that there wasn't a release because of issues with your internet? That's certainly the last reason that I would have considered for why there isn't a release. But it isn't late technically because you made it in time for the weekly release still =)

    Glad to know you dealt with the Day LeClaire issue in a way with pleasing results even though I'm a little disappointed that I won't be reading Jinx as a manga. Maybe some day I'll read HQ romance novels but they're not part of my current reading tastes

    Thanks very much for the hard work =D

  8. Thank you so much for continuing.
    I'm not alone in saying that Day LeClaire's opinion about translating the manga is not what all authors think.
    I ghost wrote mass market romances for years and I do not think this way.
    Though some of these illustrated titles are available in other than Asian languages, most are not.
    Translations like this have shown to be great publicity for the books that inspired them. We like that.


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