11 November 2013

Suna no Meiro

Associated Names: 砂の迷路 The Arabian Mistress
Author: Lynne Graham
Artist: FUJITA Kazuko
Genre:Josei Romance

Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete)

Year: 2012

Begging for Prince Tariq Shadad ibn Zachir's mercy is the last thing Faye wants to do. She hasn't seen Tariq for a whole year...since their ill-fated wedding. But as Faye's brother remains imprisoned in her husband's country of Jumar, she learns that only Tariq has the power to grant his freedom.

Faye expects her meeting with the man she married to be difficult, but Tariq's ultimatum takes her breath away: become is mistress and her brother will be released. As her decision takes her to the Middle East, her bitter feelings for Tariq begin to change, and she becomes more than just a mistress to this powerful Sheikh.

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  1. In this series I can help out if there is a need. I did not find your e-mail to send this on it sooo....
    I have once done this for personal use.
    Unfortunately it has already been deleted, so i cant provide you with any example, unfortunately.
    My contact is: lydia.manime@gmail.com, if you are intersted.

    1. Sorry Anime Manga Can I ask u a few question >??? Do u have a lot of manga?? Can u share its to me?? If you can, please send it to me by Email: jime12.boy@gmail.com. I'm looking forward to hear from u soon.

  2. You can email to smscans@gmail.com :)

  3. where the download link?i can't find it

  4. I've already read the book, the story is cute... this release is beautiful! thanks

  5. I love this one, can't wait to find out the rest of the story XD

  6. http://smscans.fanbb.net/t428-arabian-mistress?highlight=suna+no+meiro

  7. i like your all manga .....but most of the stories i can't find it on mangafox or mangahere

  8. Thank you! And i got the DL link too thanks to Unknown user ^_^


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