2 January 2014

Beautiful Guy


Synopsis :  

Dokgo Ma-Te (Jang Keun-Suk) is the most beautiful man in the world. He is also an ambitious man and wants to make a lot money using his beautiful appearance. Dokgo Ma-Te meets Hong Nya-Nya, the ex-daughter-in-law of a rich family. Hong Nya-Nya recognizes Dokgo Ma-Te's ambitions and becomes his mentor. Hong Nya-Nya then gives Dokgo Ma-Te a mission to seduce 10 different women. The women have all succeeded in different fields and Dokgo Ma-Te is to glean their special abilities.

A strange woman then appears in front of Dokgo Ma-Te. Her name is Kim Bo-Tong, an ordinary girl from poor background. She has a huge crush on Dokgo Ma-Te. Can she make Dokgo Ma-Te love her?

Author(s) : CHUN Kye Young
Artist(s) : CHUN Kye Young
Status in Country of Origin : 17 Volumes (Complete)
Associated Names : 
예쁜 남자
Beautiful Man
Pretty Guy
Pretty Man

Genre : Comedy / Romance / Shoujo 
Year : 2009

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  1. :( i tried to enter in the forum but , i get a malware alert

  2. You need help in cleaning the pages?
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  3. funny… half the time can't remember what make car I drive- but I remember Dokgo Ma Te! I subscribe to drama fever, so i got to watch the entire series commercial free! I do wish they'd do the subtitles in yellow instead of white though!

    1. pretty sure you can change the color of the subtitles. You can also make it have highlighted shadow. I use dramafever so I know.

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