30 March 2014

Totsuzen... Kekkon!

Associated Names: 
Suddenly... Marriage!
Artist: MIDORI Yukako 
Genre:Josei Romance

Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete)
Year: 2011


Millionaire bachelor Grant O'Hara thought the pretend marriage ceremony was just another Mardi Gras festivity until he and Cheyenne Tarantino were pronounced legally wed. Grant wasn't ready to settle down, and he'd only just met his wife. But, since nothing could be done until morning, Grant saw no reason not to play honeymoon with his shy, beautiful bride.
But Cheyenne sure did. She'd long ago vowed to save herself for her real wedding night. Still, Grant's thoughtfulness and irresistible charm were wearing her down. And soon, Cheyenne was wondering how she could turn their one-night marriage into forever....

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  2. Thank you SMS for this chapter I had almost bitten my nails to oblivion waiting
    on a completley different subject what is with the Free SMS ?

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