28 April 2017

Water God

Bride of the water God chapter 149 available to download

we need Korean transistors for Salon H Supicious Scandal and Nan Eomma Nan Appa


  1. Hi. I'm sorry that I have to reach out to you this way.
    I have been waiting and trying to see how can I join the forum as it says it needs admin approval.

    Can you help me on this?

  2. Hi just wanted to say that I really grateful to you and your team and I wish I could be of more help. Just wondering though, when will you release the next translated chapter of bride of the water god. You don't have to be exact, just need to know that you'll be releasing it. I really loved the story. Thank you and more power to you and your team!

  3. Hi! Please continue the translations of this - I really want to know what happens!! you can't even buy the books as it was dropped by Dark Horse comics :(..

  4. Thank you for your hardwork, i hope you're fine and you will have a good team <3


Bride of the Water God

Alt. Name: 하백의 신부 , Habaek Author: YOON Mi-kyung Genres: Drama | Fantasy | Historical | Romance | Shoujo | Supernatural Statu...