1 February 2011

Kodoku na Fugou

Associated Names: 孤独な富豪 ,One Summer in Italy...
Author: Lucy Gordon
Artist: AKINO Nanami
Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete)
Year: 2008
Just before her return to England, Holly discovers in her luggage the valuable painting she had sketched earlier. She had become entangled in an unthinkable crime... She was deceived by a man she trusted! Jumping on to a train bound for Rome, she runs into a compartment in the first-class carriage. There, she encounters Matteo, a sharp justice who immediately realises she is on the run. However for an unknown reason, he does not hand her over to the police, and instead takes her back to his mansion. As he confiscates her passport, she starts to worry about what lies ahead...


  1. Looking forward to reading, Thank you!

  2. file is password protected!, can't access.

  3. sorry i always 4get to remove it

  4. so good :) a nice read after a long night shift, thanks

  5. it's a good story thank you for this release and I hope the sequel will be coming soon

  6. I didn't know there are harlequin at the website that isn't post in the forum... Thanks for the release..


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