26 February 2011

Tsukiyo ga Kureta Okurimono

Associated Names: Blue Moon Bride
Author: Renee Roszel
Artist: ITO Kako
Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete)
Year: 2008
Hannah threw her letter of resignation at her boss, who called her "below average." Still full of hurt, she visits the Blue Moon Inn, where the inn owner suggests she take a walk in the garden. That night was the night of the blue moon�the second full moon of the month. Under the magical moonlight reflected on the derelict stone-walled church, a rude yet sexy man suddenly appears. To Hannah's astonishment, it is her offensive former boss, Roth Jerric! Why would fate punish her like this?

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  1. can't wait for this :) the stories you do are always great :) thanks a lot! :)

  2. hohoho. i like the stories you pick up... thanks for the hard work...=3

  3. nice love the stories you pick up they are really nice and love harlequin as well as josei... thank you guys for all the hard work... you're stories are simply the best..

    (hmm I have been wondering over two things one is why new updatet can't e seen in baka-update and another is if the series which is written in upcoming well soon be released?)

  4. @Mary
    the upcoming one are still in translations, they one that are being released are already translated

  5. Thanks for choosing the most sweetest stories. I loved this one.

  6. Thank you very much for your hard working! I love it! :x :x :x


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