11 February 2011


This blog is getting a little cramped up for me so, i'll be posting all download links on our new Forum, and don't worry you don't need a certain amount of post to download our releases. Just post once in a while to keep the forum alive and if have any suggestion to make the forum more interesting you can always leave a comment


  1. I, samira01, I just registed in the forum...i am glad to be here. love this site and all your projects. I am so very glad to be here.
    thank you for all your hard work and sharing

  2. will you continue to update this blog?

  3. yes somnia,we will. this will be our main site,we'll be posting all the project information and synopsis here

  4. Thanks a lot, Ireally like to comment and thank in the forum, but I really hate when I have to do it to download


Bride of the Water God

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