11 June 2011

Ichiman Pound no Hanamuko

Associated Names: The Word of a Gentleman
Author: Lyn Stone
Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volumes (Complete)
Year: 2008
Clarissa is a daughter of an aristocrat, but after losing her parents at a young age, she spent a lonely childhood in boarding schools. And now, even her guardian uncle is gravely ill. If her uncle was to pass away, according to law she would lose all of her inheritance. To prevent this, she must marry, but her unpleasant, gold-digging cousin will not leave her alone. She decides to devise a plan and offers a proposition to a bankrupt 2nd son of an Earl; "Elope with me in return for my £10,000 inheritance!"

Download Available in Forum

Ok i know most of you were expecting the last story of MISTER MILLIONAIRE,but i still haven't heard from the editor so i guess, you'll have to wait till next week. Sorry *_*


  1. I wanted to read about the third millionaire but I think I can wait a little longer. :) Thanks for your great work.

  2. Thanks! I was also waiting for the third installment of the millionaire series but this can help me with waiting! Thanks for your hard work!

  3. Where could I read this? I really want to. :(

  4. i'm not sure where to post this but do u know what manga this was from? i saw that it was used on your image so i assumed it would be a manga u were translating. thanks!


  5. xD You mean the Recruitment page...
    It's just an image of Duchess ^^

  6. where can i download this?,its not in the forum

  7. in order to download, you have to have an account. here is the link to the thread that this manga is located in. note that you may have been looking for the manga under the name Ichiman Pound no Hanamuko. also note that it is mentioned in this article that it's associated name is The Word of a Gentleman.

    anyways, here is the link. http://shojomanhwascans.forums-free.com/word-of-a-gentleman-t246.html


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