17 June 2011

Nemurihime - Yume Miru You ni Koi Shiteru

Alt. Title: 眠り姫 ~夢みるように恋してる~, The Sleeping Princess
Author: SASAKI Yuna
Genres: Drama | Mature | Romance | Sci-fi | Shoujo | Smut
Year: 2010 
Status in Country of Origin: 3 Volumes (Complete)
[From: FairGame]
"Ever since that day, my love has been in a sleep. I'll be dreaming until I'll wake up with your kiss." Alice is a bright high schooler who had been taking care of her father, her only family. she is begining to grow a feeling to Ryuu, who is a son of owner of hospital where Alice's father is at. One day her father's condition drastically changed and she became alone in the world. She decides to join a project called venus project, and their unimaginable secret was...

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Volume 1:
Chapter 1-5  Released
Volume 2: 
Chapter 6-10  Released
Volume 3:
Chapter 11  Released
Chapter 12  Released
Chapter 13  Released
Chapter 14  Released
Chapter 15  Released


  1. waah thank you! this manga is interesting and i hope the other chapters are too! looks forward to the next!

  2. awesome awesome awesome!!!!! cant wait for more!!!! TY TY's!

  3. omg I saw the raws for this series and I most say I can't wait! Thnakies for picking it up

  4. thanks a lot for this manga, it's really interesting!

  5. OMG! Just love it so far, it's so sad yet still vey good!

  6. it's so outstanding so far! Thank you a lot!

  7. I'm re-reading what's scantalated. I'm so excited. I hope the next chapters are out soon. Thanks! More power. :)

  8. I also think this manga is very interesting.
    Thanks so much for picking it up :D
    I look forward to the upcoming chapters~!!

  9. Hey there guys. It's posted on the releases tab that the 15th chapter was out already but it was not posted on the forum. Just so you know.. Thanks a lot! ^^.


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