4 June 2011

Millionaire Husband

Associated Names: Kekkon nante Shitakunai
Author: Leanne Banks
Artist: UESUGI Kanako
Status in Country of Origin: 3 Volumes (Complete)
Year: 2008
Justin, a genius of the stock trading business is a real scrooge despite being a millionaire. He believes marriage only drains your bank account, and only contributes to charity to evade taxes. While investigating a charity, he meets a poor but charming girl named Amy. However their encounter is cut short when he suddenly coughs up blood and collapses. Amy rushes him to the hospital and while drifting between the borders of life and death, he had a dream: his friends standing at his bed side, sadly mumbling "he only thought of money, money, money", "he never learnt to love anyone". Justin is suddenly swamped with a feeling of deep regret. He prays to God, "please, just give me another chance!"

Download Available in Forum
Volume 1:  Expecting the Boss's Baby
Volume 3: The Millionaire's Secret Wish

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  1. How can I download this manhwa??? I'm really wanna read it but i can't download, so please help me dear.....Thanks before hand.


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